How the Million Pet Challenge Works

Every year, over 500,000 pets are euthanized because their owners became unable to care for them.  

There are over 150 million pets in the US – most pet owners don’t have an emergency pet plan.  That puts a lot of pets at risk.  Is your pet one of them?  Help us get 1 million pets protected through this challenge!  Together, we will improve the lives of each pet and reduce the number of at risk pets. Isn’t your pet’s future worth a few minutes?  

TAKE THE CHALLENGE – it’s fast, easy, and free.

  1. Nominate a Pet Guardian
    Click on Register link in our navigation above to get started.  Nominate somebody you know and trust who will take care of your pet if something happens to you.
  2. Complete Your PetFile™
    This is your one place to record all the important information about your pet to help ensure its ongoing care by your nominated Pet Guardian. Among other things, you can take a photo of your pet, create a 140 character description, and upload it into your Pet File™.
  3. Pass it on!
    By sharing the good news with your friends, family, and neighbors, you help protect more pets AND your pet is also automatically entered into our monthly most unique photo contest.
    Winners will be notified and their pet’s picture and brief profile will appear on our website Hall of Fame and our social media outlets.  Once we achieve our goal of protecting 1 million pets, a Grand Champion will be selected from each of the monthly winners.
Want to help us make a difference?

We appreciate any amount you’d like to donate.  Please click on the button below to help us spread the word…thank you!